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We provide an architecture that able to fully serve the users in Indonesia for 24/7/365 with uptime up to 99.5% per month conveniently. Infinyscloud is connected to 20 Gbps local internet exchange; 10 Gbps OpenIXP and 10 Gbps C2IX. We also have 500 Mbps internet exchange.

99.5% Uptime
Service Level Agreement
10 Gbps
Open IXP
10 Gbps
500 Mbps
Internet Exchange
Data Centers
Nex Data Center - Cyber 2 Kuningan
We are using Nex Data Center in Cyber 2 Building, Kuningan, which has met the general specifications as Tier III data center. The neutral enterprise data center facilities include more than one power source and network (multi-network link), hence we can offer 99.982% uptime or maximum interruption tolerance within a year for only 1.5 hours.
To improve the stability, uptime rate, and maintains performance, we have an automation system in order to reduce manual implementation process. The process includes preventing inconsistencies or misconfigurations driven by inflexible or proprietary vendor systems. This automation system allows users to feel the noteworthy experience in terms of innovation and collaboration between computing and networking.
  • OnApp Cloud Management Platform
  • Odin Hosting and Cloud Automation Platform
  • Microsoft
  • Xl
  • StorPool
  • WebsitePanel