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The e-commerce industry manifests into one of the hottest sector in Indonesia. We knew this very well, in fact our company has accompanied this industry since 2007 by offering a cloud computing solution that allows people to do digital transformation in their business.

We offer flexibility which cover the convenience to accommodate millions of transactions required in a given period. This commonly happens when the shopping season and holidays came and cause a very high traffic spike. Our service let our client to simply pay what they used on a need basis.

We are aware that our responsibility is to keep our clients simply focus on their business strategy, not the complexity of cloud computing and everything related to it.


Cloud computing revolutionize the way content is distributed worldwide, you can see millions of sites provides information services and work like a news portal, or online music streaming, or internet-based television. The competition has one correlation; creativity. Although the IT infrastructure behind it tends not to require much attention in its early development, but as days goes by with the amount of new contents produced every day, the traffic will required a good resources of infrastructure eventually.

Dozens big media companies relied on our services as their IT infrastructure backbone. Because our solution is known keen to deliver any form of contents that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. With uptime availability up to 99.5%, any digital media company is capable to reach and distribute their content nationwide in real-time.


Thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of Infinyscloud, many developers are able to override server management and troubleshooting issues, in order to focus on more crucial things for them: building applications and designing new features. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is an application distribution model that relies heavily on cloud computing, we thrive in plotting ourself as a leading cloud computing service provider in Indonesia that may helps the development of SaaS business in the country.

Harnessing the benefits of our solutions, SaaS players can reduce a range of complexity, operating costs, and develops a more efficient business models. Not to mention the ability of numerous features to record user behavior, demographics, and other insights which can be adopted to help you make strategic decisions. Being in the "cloud" does not mean your data is unprotected, in Infinyscloud you can create a secure environment based on your own customization comfortably. Then when it comes time to expanding your business to a wider level, Infinyscloud can easily meet your expectation needed to achieve your targets.

Test & Development

If you wish to do more experiments, you will get more than what you needed by utilizing Infinyscloud's solution. Take advantage of our elasticity service to test run without burdening the overall performance of the server. Scale up and down your server specifications freely. You can also operate your infrastructure to the fullest to find out your apps will run.

That way, you can measure our architecture capabilities before entering the production session. Run a variety of scenarios to figure out limits so that the public. This purpose of this action is to reduce the risk of public mistakes which are difficult to overcome when your service is live. All the above benefits can be done in just minutes without the need to sacrifice a lot of your time, energy, and money.

Big Data

The best thing all the activities happening in the digital world is all recorded and measurable. Cloud computing allows you to store data and it can be accessible anywhere and anytime, without any geographical and time constraints. Your data is stored forever no matter how big, you can also embed other technology solutions to provide extra security in the cloud. Because your data is so valuable, your company capable to perform well-projected data driven analyzing skill.

Utilizing well-managed data, you can serve customers with a more personalized experience and revolutionize how your marketing works. Because every person has different backgrounds and behaviors, recognizing them from datasets which stored and processed in the cloud, so you can offer the compelling benefits of each customer.