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Microsoft Azure
Cloud Infrastructure
  • The most favorite Microsoft's product
    Azure is definitely the most favorite Microsoft's product loved by fanboys, and we present exclusively just for you. With Microsoft's authentic architecture, you can combine Linux-based virtualization, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and many more, along with our well-known support system.
  • Cost-effective optimization
    Worry not if you suddenly get unexpected high traffic, Azure can adjust the needs by ensuring that the cost is well spent. We do not compromise Azure performance at all.
  • Integrated ecosystem
    When it's time to launch your apps after the testing phase, Azure can intelligently integrate features such as monitoring, load balancing, and so on, between the two phases. Thus you can run your apps seamlessly.
  • Rich datasets
    Your server's health and performance are our priorities, but that does not mean you can not put your hands on them. Azure has a feature which monitors the health and availability of applications which run on your server in real-time.
Automatically adjusts your server's needs to stay in the best condition, while maintains the best specs to keep the cost-efficient.
Launch various services, apps, updates, in minutes or even seconds, without interrupting your DevOps process.
Monitoring the performance does not mean you are a worry. Azure will keep your apps safe, updated, and keep away system errors and downtimes from time to time.
Extra Features
  • Run Microsoft enterprise apps with world-class support. It's simple to deploy Microsoft enterprise applications on virtual machines.
  • Get more preference for your virtual machines. Azure has a wide option for any virtual machine of your needs.
  • Secure your virtual machines, apps, and workloads with Azure Security Center. Safeguard your data against ransomware and human errors with Azure Backup. Keep track of your cloud health and performance with Azure monitoring services, such as Azure Log Analytics and Azure Application Insights.
  • Save up to 80 percent with Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances when conjoined with Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server, or save up to 72 percent on all virtual machines.