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Content Delivery Network
  • Web Acceleration
    Web acceleration required to receive and delivering content quickly done by client browsers and web servers. A website must be supported by good performance whether if there is high traffic. Web acceleration is the effective way to get more audiences on your website.
  • File Download Optimisation
    The digital assets that you have will be more accessible, measurable, and efficient such as delivering videos, software patches or games updates.
  • Video On Demand
    A video content plays an important role in business development. There is an increase in the demand for good quality video content. You will get a better video streaming quality for your audiences
  • Live Streaming
    Giving you a better experience to get closer to audiences with doing live streaming video. Live streaming is also enabled customers to stream video of life events over the Internet and scale to cope with large audiences.
Advanced Analytics
We giving you reports that provide insights into most viewed content, streaming statistics, and profile of end-users (Browser Types, Operating Systems (OS) and Devices).
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security
SSL Security allows secure acceleration and caching of website contents including static images and videos.
Web App Firewall
WAF prevents and receives alerts in Internet-based attacks from known and unkown application threats. Some of the common attacks prevented include cross-site scripting (XSS) and Structured Query Language (SQL) injection.
Extra Features
  • CDN’s services have three control access and security that is Geo Block, IP Access Control, and Token Authentication. Geo Block restricts the distribution of content to customer defined geographies. IP Access Control restrict or allow access based on customer-defined IP ranges. Token Authentication restricts content access to end-users who have received a time-limited ‘token’ generated by the customer website.
  • Origin storage with high availability, resilient storage strategically located across our network so customer connectivity or servers are not a bottleneck, guaranteeing a better quality of service. Integrates directly via FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV, with no in-network (midgress / origin-to-edge) transfer charges.
  • You can access portal management and manage self-provisioning your own content, organization & multi-tenancy, configurable HTTP Rule, API, and Audit Trail.
  • Customers can apply their own http rules including Host Headers and cache configuration (such as TTL and client cache header). Origin server connection multiplexing is enabled by default.
  • Continuous adaptation or bitrate, the quality of the video stream in response to the end-users available bandwidth and CPU power.
  • We giving you a comprehensive view of throughout, requests, visitors, and geographic split.