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Backup Solution
Backup as a Service
  • A complete data protection
    Backup Solution providing you a complete data protection. This service can protect virtual server in which there is a website, applications. Moreover, it can also protect business email Office 365 or G Suite, and other important data in any device.
  • The most advanced backup technology
    Backup Solution supported by Acronis is proven as the most advanced backup technology in the world today. Start using Backup Solution to avoid the risk of data loss. A complete data protection, easy to use, and suitable for your business.
  • Easier management and scalability
    Offload maintenance and management to your cloud service provider instead of worrying about managing storage at an off-site location.
  • Enhanced data safety
    Safeguard your data by keeping a copy off-site. By backing up corporate data remotely, you avoid simultaneous destroying both original data and backups should a physical disaster like fire, flood, and theft or digital danger like network-wide malware infection.
Active Protection
Prevent system downtime caused by ransomware with a unique, proactive technology that stops 99,99% of attacks. Any files impacted before an attack was deflected are automatically restored.
Strong Protection
Maintain regularly compliance by protecting your backups with AES-256 data encryption, so only you can access the data.
Intuitive, self-service web console
Intuitive web console, so you can access backups and restore file wherever and whenever it’s needed.
Extra Features
  • Backup Solution using top-notch archiving technology by Acronis. It allows you to avoid corruption of backup files, even in case of power failure. And also allows you to resume/stop backups any time, so backups continue from the latest point, even if the machine is restarted.
  • Backup Solution can be used in 20+ platforms/workloads such as Linux, Windows, hypervisors, iOS, Android, Microsoft apps, Office 365, G Suite, etc.
  • Perform manual or automatic backups according to the desired schedule and frequency monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even every 10 minutes.
  • We assured your data is safe and business processes can remain uninterrupted. The data centers are Tier-IV designed and have received several certifications, including SSAE-16, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.
  • Backup Solution
    • 100 GB Backup Storage
    • Unlimited Workstations
    • Unlimited Servers
    • Unlimited Virtual Machines
    • Unlimited Mobile Devices
    • Unlimited Office 365 Mailbox
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Web Hosting Servers