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  • Indonesia Cloud Server is available for Windows and Linux based operating systems with managed services from our experienced technical team.
  • If you are more familiar to operate your Windows-based cloud computing system, CloudWin is the best choice you can get in Indonesia.
  • Keeping the pace with cloud computing technology's dynamic trend, we offer one of the world-class product such as Microsoft Azure too.
  • Enhance your website performance with Content Delivery Network. We ensure your digital content can be accessed globally.
  • Backup Solution providing you a complete data protection. This service can protect virtual server in which there is a website, applications. Moreover, it can also protect business email Office 365 or G Suite, and other important data in any device.
  • In favor of supporting enterprises' needs in this interconnected era, C2 offers a solution that revolutionizes the way you communicate and collaborate. This service consists of an electronic mail server, instant messaging service, Skype for Business, and many more.
  • With Microsoft 365, a company able to perform a digital transformation starts with their own employees equipped with awesome tools which leverage their work using cloud-based productivity apps.
  • Utilize Google Workspace to enhance your productivity. As a Google Workspace Authorized Partner, we offer you a great solution for new business, SME, and large enterprise.